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What Are The Effects Of Kala Jadu?

Kala Jadu, also known as black magic, has generally alluded to utilising extraordinary forces or magic for detestable and childish purposes. Regarding the left-hand way and right-hand way division, black magic is the toxic, left-hand partner of the considerate white magic. In present-day times, some track down that the meaning of black magic has been tangled by individuals who characterize Magic or ceremonial practices that they oppose as black magic. Kala Jadu expert astrologer Pune helps in solving these problems.

There are various effects of Kala Jadu for which Kala Jadu specialist astrologer in Maharashtra is required. The following points state the symptoms of Kala Jadu: -

• Constant Health Issues and no clinical treatment is improving your health.

• Constant concerns, Suicidal inclinations, or Desire to move away from home and family.

• Continuous medical issues to any of the family part.

• You feel low, weak, and tired all day.

• You may have joint agonies, migraines, and shoulder torment.

• Your eating habits suffer because of heftiness.

• You may become short-tempered—sterility, with no physical deficiency or with no clinical reason.

• Repeated unnatural birth cycles or demise of youngsters.

• Sudden unnatural death or mishap in the family.

• Issues in the development of new houses, new industrial facility or some other structure.

• No craving to live. Feels choked. Life appears futile.

• Sudden disputes between siblings or the individuals of the family, with no real excuse.

• Unexpected misfortune occupied with the property.

• Ill wellbeing and being worked on of kids.

• Loss of harmony because of the dread of adversaries and their fiendish Designs.

• Discord between mates or the family.

• Most significant endeavors were continually bringing about disappointment.

• Lack of success, favors, advancements, and the ideal raises or moves.

• Poverty, despite difficult work.

• Mental issues like depression, anxiety, and absurdity.

The effects of Kala Jadu can be solved without the help of kundli specialist astrologer in pune can be solved by following the below-mentioned home remedies: -

• During Amavasya, you need a black thread, seven red chilies, and a piece of black cloth.

• First, you have to tie seven knots equal at an equal distance and rotate seven chilies around the thread. Seven times each.

• Then, you have to wrap the chilies with a black cloth and burn it after putting some oil on them outside your house or complex.

• After that, you need to wear the black thread on your right ankle, which will help you to avoid the evil energies around you.

• It would help if you also donated solid black clothes to people you don’t know; personally, this should be done on the night of Amavasya.

• This would not work properly if you consume alcohol that day because alcohol attracts negative energy.

• There are some religious rituals that you should follow if you think or feel that your house is affected by evil energy. These rituals should be done correctly, or else the lousy energy could impact your household more.

• Sometimes the uncertain movement of your Rahu and Ketu could also be the reason behind the negative energy. The best way to deal with this is by still consulting an astrologer; if you don’t want to consult an astrologer, you should anti-clockwise rotate salt over the person affected by the evil energies and dissolve it in river or ocean.

The points discussed in the above paragraph will also help you fight depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, as they would protect you from the evil energies, making it easier for you to live with peace and positivity.

Raj Samrat Jyotish is one of the best Kala Jadu specialist astrologers in Pune with over twenty-five years of experience. Many people have benefited from his guidance, which has helped them successfully remove evil energies from their lives.


The above context explains the term Kala Jadu also known as black magic, in a straightforward way. The above paragraph even explains the symptoms of Kala Jadu, which can be studied to understand if you are affected by the evil energy which is spreading negativity in your life and households. The last part of the content explains the home remedies which we can try to avoid these evil energies from affecting our lives. Though astrology is the best way out, these home remedies could also help you in various ways.


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