What is the Main Cause of Relationship Breakups?

We always hope that it is this, that everything will become the Best astrologer in Pune different this time that nothing will tear you apart. Except sometimes it happens, and you break up. If we look at the divorce rate, research shows that it is around 50% (although measuring divorce rates is more difficult than comparing marriages to divorce in one year). It is harder to get a quote for civil and civil breakdown.

Relationships end for various reasons. When that happens, you need to learn to break up with your loved one.

Why and How do the Breakups Take Place?

Most of us enter into relationships with the hope that we will never have to end them. Marriage, in particular, rests on the premise that it will remain "until death does us part."

The most common reasons for a breakup are:

1. Personality differences.

2. Lack of time together.

3. Infidelity.

4. Lack of positive relationships.

5. Low sexual satisfaction.

6. Low overall satisfaction with the relationship.

How to Break Up in the Right Manner?

We say the "right" way, but there is no right or "best" way to break up. All relationships are different, and each person in the Best astrologer in Pune relationship is different. As you read this article, you need to consider your partner's personality, needs and feelings and decide how to end it.

Recognize as that Its never Easy Structure

Understand that there is no painless way to break up. But no matter how disturbed the relationship is, its formal ending will hurt both sides. When you feel there will be pain, you can be prepared for the consequences.

1. Do the Things Face to Face

If you've ever been thrown in a message or email (or if you've been thrown at a ghost at all), you know what it's like to be paid so little attention that the other person hasn't even bothered to tell you in person. Why is it the same with another person?

Your partner deserves an honest conversation. An intimate place may be better, but if you are concerned that your partner may react violently, a public place is safer.

2. Try to Be Honest but Don't Give Up all the Personal Details

In general, people want to know why they are being abandoned. While "you're terrible in bed" or "lacking ambition" may seem like an honest answer, it doesn't protect your self-esteem or your partner's dignity.

Using feedback sentences such as "I don't think we're sexually compatible" or "I don't think our long-term goals are more aligned" are more enjoyable ways to express our feelings.

3. Do not Give in to Arguments or Protests

If the breakup comes as a surprise to the other person, they may try to argue, argue, or explain why you should stay together and try again. If you are on the verge of break up, now nothing will be able to fix or revive your relationship, and surrender will only delay the inevitable.

4. Show Some Sympathy

Express your sadness at the breakup and spend some nice moments together. Abandoning is very bad, and you can soften the blow a little by sharing good times. Say something like, "You taught me a lot about cooking, and now I'm better at cooking because of you", or something like that. You want the other person to feel that they have positively impacted your life, even after the relationship is over.


Every person can make out the things in a detailed manner for the Best astrologer in Pune people. It can give the better ideas to make a perfect break up out of your relationship.

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